Accommodation On The River

There are few sounds as soothing as the gentle trickle of water. Just imagine being fortunate enough to live next to a stream, or a lake or a river, and being conscious of that constant, calming presence as you wake and fall asleep. Those who live in towns, village and cities may struggle to drown out all the noise around them, however, the sense of that peace and calm is something that we can all appreciate, and for those in New South Wales, something that can be realised right now.

Close to Moama, accommodation on the River Murray can be found right here at Merool Holiday Park. Now, while the name includes ‘holiday’, this reflects the contentment and fun you will find here all year round because we understand that not everybody operates on the same timetables.

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Merool is a self-contained private holiday park and we established it back in 1983, and since that time it has remained a family-owned and operated business. What you will find here is 63 acres of freehold land and two beautiful kilometres of absolute Murray River frontage as well as a wide range of facilities and a ton of activities in the vicinity to ensure that visitors of all ages will find plenty to occupy their time.

It’s Never Just a Holiday Here

While for some folks the idea of breaking away from their normal holiday routine is something they would be reluctant to do, there are a number of things that can be gained from changing things up.

Families that have visited Merool in the past have experienced all the excitement that goes with trying a different type of holiday. Perhaps you want to pitch a tent or stay in a caravan for the first time. There are so many things that all of you will never have done before, and in pushing yourselves to undertake this new adventure, you will most likely learn new things about yourselves, gain a sense of accomplishment that will build confidence and self-esteem, and strengthen that bond between you and your loved ones through the shared experience.

What’s more, those who have stayed at our holiday park before will appreciate the newfound sense of appreciation they came to have for other cultures. When you stay at Merool, you are likely to meet people from all walks of life and from a variety of countries. Exposing oneself to new ways of thinking and learning about the experiences of others builds character and gives a greater sense of appreciation for the diverse lives that people lead.

Those who visit on business trips, or as part of a team-bonding experience will find that through the activities they undertake, they will learn a lot about each other, and leaders will get an invaluable insight into the people who work for them, which can even lead to identifying candidates for promotion.

An inspiring, exciting experience

If you are thinking about visiting Moama or Echuca, accommodation on the river is the perfect way to place yourself at the heart of the true countryside, while remaining within touching distance of all the modern conveniences you could want.

Here at Merool Holiday Park, we are committed to bringing a different experience to those that wish to find a place that will inspire, excite and open their eyes to all Australia has to offer. We know you will have a wonderful and memorable time here at Merool. All you need to decide now is how soon you can make it here.

Merool Holiday Park is the best holiday park along the Murray River in NSW. We have cabins for sale and accommodation for your next holiday. Browse our website further for more details or call us to learn more.

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