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Echuca & Moama Accommodation By The River

There are few sounds as soothing as the gentle trickle of water. Just imagine being fortunate enough to live next to a stream, or a lake or a river, and being conscious of that constant, calming presence as you wake and fall asleep. Those who live in towns, village and cities may struggle to drown out all the noise around them, however, the sense of that peace and calm is something that we can all appreciate, and for those in New South Wales, something that can be realised right now.

The Best Accommodation By The River

Close to Moama, accommodation on the Murray River can be found right here at Merool Holiday Park. Now, while the name includes ‘holiday’, this reflects the contentment and fun you will find here all year round because we understand that not everybody operates on the same timetables.

Merool is a self-contained private holiday park and we established it back in 1983, and since that time it has remained a family-owned and operated business. What you will find here is 63 acres of freehold land and two beautiful kilometres of absolute Murray River frontage as well as a wide range of facilities and a ton of activities in the vicinity to ensure that visitors of all ages will find plenty to occupy their time.

About Our Echuca Moama Accommodation By The River

While for some folks the idea of breaking away from their normal holiday routine is something they would be reluctant to do, there are a number of things that can be gained from changing things up.

Families that have visited Merool in the past have experienced all the excitement that goes with trying a different type of holiday. Perhaps you want to pitch a tent or stay in a caravan for the first time. There are so many things that all of you will never have done before, and in pushing yourselves to undertake this new adventure, you will most likely learn new things about yourselves, gain a sense of accomplishment that will build confidence and self-esteem, and strengthen that bond between you and your loved ones through the shared experience.

What’s more, those who have stayed at our holiday park before will appreciate the newfound sense of appreciation they came to have for other cultures. When you stay at Merool, you are likely to meet people from all walks of life and from a variety of countries. Exposing oneself to new ways of thinking and learning about the experiences of others builds character and gives a greater sense of appreciation for the diverse lives that people lead.

Those who visit on business trips, or as part of a team-bonding experience will find that through the activities they undertake, they will learn a lot about each other, and leaders will get an invaluable insight into the people who work for them, which can even lead to identifying candidates for promotion.

Book Your Accommodation By The River Today

If you are thinking about visiting Moama or Echuca, accommodation on the river is the perfect way to place yourself at the heart of the true countryside, while remaining within touching distance of all the modern conveniences you could want.

Here at Merool Holiday Park, we are committed to bringing a different experience to those that wish to find a place that will inspire, excite and open their eyes to all Australia has to offer. We know you will have a wonderful and memorable time here at Merool. All you need to decide now is how soon you can make it here.

Merool: Your Echuca Accommodation with Pool

When it comes to Echuca accommodation self-contained options are the way to go. Our self-contained options on the banks of the Murray are very popular indeed and families come from across Australia – and beyond – to experience our resort for themselves.

We hope that you will be next to come and visit us – it’s always our pleasure to welcome new visitors and show them everything that our stunning resort has to offer.

The Best Self-Contained Accommodation in Echuca

The original homestead on our resort was built in the 1850’s. Our cabin village has been constructed to follow this same theme, creating a unique and exciting space that will help you to feel just like you’re in the Pioneer days.

This is a fun theme for the park and many of our guests tell us that it really does help them to escape from the hustle and bustle of wherever they come from. It’s particularly interesting that our resort is just a five minutes’ drive away from all of Echuca Moama’s amazing attractions too!

We understand that when you’re on vacation, you just want to be able to relax and get some great time to yourself. Because we understand that this is the case, we offer you everything that you could need within your cabin.

All of our Echuca cabins are loaded with everything that you need for a fully self-contained adventure. You’ll find all of the linen that you could need, for instance, as well as cookware, utensils and towels. These small touches take the stress out of your trip and help you to focus on creating fun moments and memories with your loved ones.

Car Parking Next to Your Cabin

As part of our focus on giving you the best experience possible, we offer our guests parking just alongside their cabin. This means that it’s simple for you to get to and from your cabin if you want to head out – it also reduces the amount of time that you might otherwise have spent going from the cabin to your car.

All of our visitors are blown away by just how relaxing and beautiful our resort is. They relish the opportunity to get away from the noise of the city and immerse themselves fully in nature alongside their loved ones.

You can rest assured that we will always do everything we can to make your stay as calming and peaceful as possible – if there’s ever anything that you need from our side, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We are very proud of the facilities that we have built and sourced over the years. You’ll find that your cabin is just moments away from all of our facilities including the pool, games room, jumping pillows and more. It’s hard to find other Echuca accommodation with a pool like ours. Prepare yourself for a fun and peaceful trip that you’ll never forget!

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Access Stunning River Accommodation in Echuca Moama

Congratulations on finding us here at Merool, the private holiday park located in the Echuca/Moama area that delivers a unique way to kick back and relax. Think about the 63 acres of land we have to engage in activites and the 1.5 kilometres of Murray River views and you’ll start to get the picture.

There is good reason why we are the go-to choice for holiday makers from across the globe since 1983 and that’s because of our friendly, accommodating service and desire to make your stay as welcoming and comfortable as we possibly can. Nothing is overlooked and you will find nothing but the best river accommodation in the country right here.

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River Accommodation That Caters To Those That Want Plenty Of Comfort, Fun And Unrivaled Value For Money

We seek to ensure that you can make the most of your holiday in whatever way you see fit. Our tremendous facilities are here to grant you the ultimate way to relax and there are lots of wonderful activities perfect for every family member to engage with. Best of all, kids stay free with each cabin booking!

We encourage those curious about just how much our amazing site has to offer to check out the complete list of facilities that we have created just for you. Trust us, this is the perfect place to unwind and have fun with the family in a way that is certain to build the best of memories.

Book An Annual Site That Will Deliver That Perfect Haven Whenever You Need It

If you’ve been combing the Internet and holiday listings for the ultimate sanctuary that is accessible throughout the year, then your search has finally ended. Benefit from our unrivalled amenities and tap into the charm of Moama Echuca with one of our annual sites.

We can offer you the best of Murray River accommodation. For aquatic activities, exclusive river bank and frontage, there is no better place to turn. And, if you want to tap into more affordable options, our inland sites are ideal and grant you the same comfort and sense of escape.

Curious About What Makes Merool The Perfect Place To Book River Accommodation? Watch Our Video And See With Your Own Eyes!

When You Must Escape The City And Find Peace, Book At Merool!

The key to recharging your batteries can be found on the banks of the Murray River. Add in the best of facilities, tonnes of fun and a sense of peace, privacy and comfort and you’re getting close to what you’ll find here.

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