Echuca Moama Resort

A little piece of paradise is all we want when the time comes to switch off the working brain and engage your fun brain. Here at Merool Holiday Park, you will find a self-contained, sixty-three-acre site that is home to two kilometres of absolute Murray River frontage and a whole lot of good times, great company and the kind of tranquillity you can only find in rural New South Wales.

Close to the twin towns of Echuca and Moama, our river resort has served visitors to the locality for 35 years and in that time we have developed a reputation as a wonderful alternative that affords those fortunate enough to stay here total immersion in nature. Regardless of whether you are a lone traveller, a couple, a business traveller, guests of a wedding party or a grey nomad, Merool is the kind of place where everyone comes together to appreciate the simple things and enjoy reconnecting with nature.

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That said, while this is a family-owned and family-oriented holiday park there is a wealth of history and activities in the locality that will ensure that visitors of a restful or adventurous nature will all find plenty to do during their stay with us.

Why New Adventures Are Good for You 

If you are in the habit of visiting the same holiday destinations every year, or if you are lucky enough, every few months, there are many benefits associated with changing things up and looking outside your normal choices.

Even if you are getting away to switch off, finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and being forced to challenge your brain to accomplish new tasks, or learn new skills will, in fact, do wonders for your competencies back in the real world. Think about the positives this can bring to your children. Removing them from the traditional and accepted day-to-day routines will reveal more of the world to them and empower them to explore their abilities, and develop their sense of self-esteem.

Here at Merool Holiday Park, we regularly observe changes in our guests the longer they stay with us. Those that start out a little apprehensive or anxious develop confidence but also find their creative streak and learn to adapt to new situations and challenges with greater focus and openness.

Exposure to new ways of living, or experiencing a way of life that perhaps has since passed, can make you more appreciative of what you have. It also can have the added benefit of making you consider a person and their journey before you make a judgement about who they are. Meeting new and diverse people will open your mind up to the variety of lives and experiences in the world, and it can make us much more valuable members of society.

Year Round Access

In terms of what you can access here at Merool Holiday Park, we have hire cabins, powered sites for tents, camper trailers or vans as well as annual sites that families can enjoy year-round access to. Imagine having your own private holiday accommodation and the possibility of bringing family and friends along throughout the year so that they too can enjoy everything we have to offer?

Echuca and Moama’s best river resort, nay, New South Wales’ best river resort, is only 2.5 hours away from Melbourne, so if you really want to spread your wings, have a browse of our site and choose a different kind of holiday that will not only bring you the tranquillity you seek, but so much more.

Merool Holiday Park is the best holiday park along the Murray River in NSW. We have cabins for sale and accommodation for your next holiday. Browse our website further for more details or call us to learn more.

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